Friday, August 28, 2009

Save the Trees or Save the Children?

So I heard a news event today that greatly disturbed me.

Yeah, I know, Canadian press, but its actually one of the better articles I found on this. Basically six Greenpeace activists were deemed not guilty by a jury in court in the UK for vandalizing and causing 35,000 British Pounds of damage to a coal plant. The jury said that the threat of global warming was apparent enough to provoke and justify the crime.
I say crime because this jury is clearly stupid enough (yes, I mean stupid) to believe that not only that the enhanced global warming effect being caused by humans is by any means a statement that can be confirmed, that it can be used in court, that vandalizing a coal plant will help this situation, that global warming is even a threat that we can quantify, or that its ok at all to vandalize other peoples property.

What we have here is the British court system promoting vigilantes. But not all vigilantes, just vigilantes who do expensive property damage to companies they believe are polluting enough to make global warming that much worse. Just vigilantes who think that the threat of global warming is worth immature, childish action to incite conflict. Where will it end? Are the families who rely on these plants for power expected to suffer when Greenpeace decides that immature vandalism wasn't enough? What about when they decide to use violence to get their way? This court decision would support that because it is claiming that any means can be used to stop a greater threat. Since people are so convinced that global Armageddon is coming if we dont reduce emissions, what greater threat is there? Is there any measure too big to stop the end of the world.

The world isnt ending, and I called these Greenpeace idiots terrorists in Environmental Policy class where this article was brought up, because they need to resort to stupid crap like painting names on smokestacks to make a point. The only point I'm seeing made here is that these people are incompetent. Greenpeace can vandalize as much property they want, just like insecure adolescents, and the only thing they will change is that people are stupid enough to let them off the hook for it.

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