Friday, August 28, 2009

The Slippery Slope

You've heard the term used over and over referring to homosexuality legislation in the past. Technically, it just means following an idea to its logical consequences. The term is grossly oversimplified in many people's minds and I am going to use it in a new way.
The Senate just passed a bill to "broaden government's spying programs." I'm not sure what I was thinking when I last voted for Senate, but I'm pretty sure that the power of the government wasn't on their campaign platform. Some people are still astonished that this is happening. Oh, wait a second though...lets think about this! A member of the government is voting to enhance government powers. Duh?
Its kind of like when congress votes to raise their own salary. And then votes for more federal taxes to raise their own salaries some more. Duh?
Are we just going to sit and act like sheep? All we care about is if the food is on the table and we can watch TV after driving home from work. When the government is taking our money.
Did you know that the IRS is unconstitutional?

I bring up all these points to tell you of a slippery slope thats happening right before our eyes. We are voting, or not voting, to put the same people in power year after year. They are all democrats or republicans. And then, when they vote to increase government power, we ignore it!
So then, they realized that people don't care how many of their rights are violated as long as they are warm and satisfied. So they vote to create more government programs and institute more government powers. And we ignore it again.
When will it stop? The US Constitution was designed to let the people stop these things as they happen. Yet, most people don't care.
Its a sad world we live in.

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