Friday, August 28, 2009

The Vagina Monologues

I went to go see the performance of the famed Vagina Monologues. People seemed to think I would only come to the show to make fun of it, as if I were some kind of shovinist pig. I had no idea what to expect from the show and as I walked in, the first thing I saw was a t-shirt describing marriage "for life" and as "domestic abuse for life." As I looked at the other t-shirts, I found myself touched by the pain these women have felt and I felt disturbed by what could be implied by it. I thought that this might actually be a very good show, despite what I have heard from lots of dudes.
The show was intense to say the least. I was definately entertained, found it humorous, found some things profound, but I was appalled by others. Specifically the strange and perverse sexual exclamations. I suppose some people are down with that stuff though.
My analysis of the show is difficult and possibly misinterpreted, but I believe I have generated an accurate photograph of The Vagina Monologues.
The Vagina Monologues waved the banner of "Stop domestic violence against women." Something I am totally in support of, as I believe domestic violence is wrong. But I saw this banner as being waved in front of an army that wanted something else than that. This presentation had the goal of declaring that women should be freed. Freed means sexually promiscuous, unhindered, able to get whatever they want, and independent from men.
I am all for equal gender rights as well as progressive social movement. But this definition of freedom I find to be problematic. Sexual promiscuity does not free a woman, or a man for that matter, it instead makes them a slave to it and/or their desires. There is no freedom in that. And I am going to put this plainly:
Welcome to the real world.
I, as a man, am not unhindered, dont get whatever I want, and am not independent from women. I am single and can have as much sex as I want, but that does not make me free. As I child I relied on my mother, just as a man I long for someone to love and be committed to. I can speak first hand about being a slave to desire, as I have struggled with this in the past, and still do, along with many other guys. It sucks, its hard, and you dont want it.
I am not going to assume that these women are speaking as if they were the only victims in societies, but I will make this point. I am hindered in almost every aspect of my life and I certainly dont get what I want. I instead, to progress in society, must suck up to my superiors just like anyone else. Women are not the only ones who have to take it up the ass to make it.
The agenda behind The Vagina Monologues, if it were just to stop domestic violence, would be acceptable. However, I doubt this to be the case. I instead see a case that women are to be exempt from the rules and left wing ideology, being consistent with the show, promoted, such as the criticism of the Iraq War, for example. It also portrayed homosexual life to be redeeming and totally ok. I do not support such ideals, nor believe in such fantasies, and I would prefer not to discuss them here.
As the show closed though, my analysis was thrown out of my mind to hear the heartbreaking story of the girl who was raped. I literally almost fainted listening to her talk about it. I salute you and all those who have experienced such abuse. The only males who oppress women like that are cowards who are insecure about their own masculinity.
Please feel free to comment. I would like it if you had evidence to say that the show had no ulterior agenda. All of you who participated did a great job and I enjoyed the show, so please, no calling me a hater. This note was purely ideological.

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