Friday, August 28, 2009

So How About that Infanticide?

This video, for those who havent seen it, is a pretty profound statement about the kind of change America is going through. ature=related.

Now, if you watched it, you know that I don't have to explain why this video is important. I don't have to explain why infanticide is wrong. In fact, I don't even have to explain what this says about Obama as a person.
I would like to leave aside a certain aspect of discussion in this note, though. And that is the question of when life begins. The reason for this being that it is undisputed that these babies were alive and born and partially because no matter when you believe life begins, there is still an important moral aspect involved in evaluating the actual act of abortion.
It is something that is rather looked over, overshadowed if you will, by the debate of when life begins. What I am referring to is the concept that you are killing (and I mean that in the most literal sense of the word) life that you created, are responsible for, and if is not yet human, will undoubtedly be (unless something horrible goes wrong) your human child for selfish reasons that only keep temporary, material things in mind, such as reputation and money. Classic arguments like "its her body" or "its not a human yet" are in actuality quite ineffective against the actual science and paradigm for human growth and birth.

So what I intended to write this note about what the politics of the matter or rather what truthfully should be the politics of the matter. And I say that it is not the way it is due to the clear lack of passion about the issue in this presidential race. Of course, Obama has passion against it, but McCain has made little effort to show that he has taken a side on the issue. In addition, it is an issue that has been overlooked more and more in light of recent events, such as economic recession and military activity.
According to several sources, including USAtoday, the economy is actually the number one issue for voters right now. Really, that shouldnt be surprising. Just like the moral flaws we talked about with abortion above, self-interest is the defining characteristic of the human psyche. People are more concerned with their pocket books than protecting our infants? More than protecting our civil liberties? Last time I checked, there were an atrocious amount of violations to the Constitution in the category of civil liberties.
People have asked me why my number one issue isnt the economy. I'm an economics major, an extreme capitalist, cornucopian by nature, and obviously aligned and attuned with economic issues. Sure the economy is important, but its about time that I got to the point. Which is:

The sanctity of human life is the most important thing that defines a society.
People are more concerned with the value of stocks than they are with the value of a child! Its abhorrent to put it mildly. We have someone running for president, and leading in the polls, who promoted the practice of throwing babies into disposal bins to die, there are clinics which not only will provide tools for young women to destroy precious life everywhere, also telling them that it is totally normal, totally ok, and good for society, and senators that openly support all of this as well as full term abortions.
I'm ashamed to live in the same country as these people and certainly hope there is some change that we can believe in soon because right now, with both politicians lying through their teeth, I don't see this country getting in any better shape no matter who wins.

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